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Delizie d'autunno 2012 - 31 agosto al 2 dicembre (2)

Delizie d'autunno 2012 - 31 agosto al 2 dicembre (2)


Delights of Fall 2012 will begin Friday, August 31st with the Festival of pepper in Zero Branco and will end on December 2nd with the 39th exhibition of wines of the Montello and Asolo Hills. 

The organization and implementation of the event promoted dall'UNPLI of the province of Treviso is possible thanks to the work they are doing the Pro Loco thanks to which these events are made possible in a period of spending cuts.
The hope is that these efforts to convey confidence and stimulate the world of food.
The Pro Loco who made it possible Delights of Autumn 2012 for the occasion have developed four major events:
Flowers in Winter
Buds of Spring
Spring of prosecco
Delights of Autumn
It all started several years ago with the Primavera del Prosecco and today is the last to be implemented Delights Autumn 2012. Characterize the event autumn event more than the past seasons: Alpine between Mel and Miane September 2.
This autumn food and wine festival becomes even more important if we consider that in a period of recession, the food and wine sector is the one that still shows a trend.
The novelty of Delights Autumn 2012 will be the photo contest.

Festival of pepper in Zero Branco - from 31/08 to 10/09 45th
16th Festival of borlotti bean dwarf Levada - Covolo (only on weekends) - from 01/09 to 16/09
Malghe between Mel and Miane - Miane - 02/09
29th Apple Festival - Monfumo - from 06/09 to 09/09
8th Day Poenta goddess - Resana - from 07/09 to 23/09
34th Festival of mushrooms - Nervesa the Battle - from 27/09 to 02/10
56 ° Skewer Giant - Pieve di Soligo - from 05/10 to 14/10
Show mycological 27th - Altivole (only on weekends) - from 06/10 to 21/10
42nd Chestnut Festival of Colmaggiore and hills tarzesi - Tarzo (only on weekends) - from 05/10 to 21/10
38th Exhibition and market of Brown Monfenera - Pederobba - from 05/10 to 28/10
Pumpkin Festival - Sernaglia the Battle - from 20/10 to 28/10
San Martino between the flavors of autumn - Country - 10/11 and 11/11
39th Exhibition of wines of Montello and Asolo Hills - Montello - from 08/11 to 02/12

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