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Wine Exhibition in Villa 17/05/2015

Wine Exhibition in Villa 17/05/2015

Susegana: San Salvatore castle 17th May 2015

The wine of welcome takes again place for its XIII edition “Vino in Villa“. The Castello di San Salvatore, a splendid manor of the thirteenth century property of the Counts of Collalto and surrounded by more than 1,000 hectares of woods and vineyards, which will exclusively welcome the event and will be the very frame of the most autochthonous sparkling white wine, that is Prosecco doc di Conegliano Valdobbiadene.
At the event for the lovers of prosecco, there will be more than 70 producers with more than 250 labels to welcome visitors from the whole world who wish to know the true identity of this wine “truly autochthonous.“ The best local chefs will prepare the typical Venetian “cicchetti“ to accompany  the local prestigious sparkling white wine of Treviso.
Prosecco wine is all over the world one of the most seductive and refined kind of wine. Its taste involves and is unforgettable.
Prosecco doc di Conegliano Valdobbiadene is internationally defined an informal sparkling white wine with style. If you wish to meet this original character, Vino in Villa  event will certainly offer you the best opportunity to spend a  sparkling weekend to have the opportunity to explore a really lovely and sweet area, where the grapewine is still the undisputed queen of the hills.

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