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To deeply know our vineyards, our territory, to listen to the Earth and perceive its messages and to create the most natural and comfortable habitat for the plants.


A drip irrigation system that prevents water from being wasted, the use of organic fertilisers that do not contaminate the soil, defoliation and lopping at the end to improve the ventilation of the bunches, hoeing and earthing-up to prevent the use of chemical herbicides.


Look to the future without forgetting the past, the origins. Without fearing innovation, while preserving the passion. This is where our wines originate, in celebration of the land that produces them.



Col delle Rane considers energy saving a priority.


The heating is given by a biomass boiler, fired with pellets.


Since 2010 at Col delle Rane is on a fully-integrated photovoltaic system that will produce all the electricity for their own needs.


The cooling of the apartments are instead provided by heating pumps.


Domestic hot water is produced by a particular kind of solar panels.


Col delle Rane is a sustainable farm.

“Agricoltura sostenibile“

“Impianto Fotovoltaico“

“Caldaia a Pellet“

Primavera del Prosecco / Prosecco Festival 2024Primavera del Prosecco / Prosecco Festival 2024
Da Marzo a Giugno 2024 / From March until June 2024

wineGreen Philosophy
We believe in sustainable farming and renewable energy to offer natural products in a healthy environment.

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