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Leisure opportunities

Col delle Rane offers you a holiday with plenty of relaxation and leisure activities. A series of hills and vineyards are the setting for some superb trekking: you can walk or use our bicycles. Also available are ping pong facilities, a large leisure garden and our swimming pool. The water is treated with a natural system based on salt, without chlorine. Through the revitalisation of water, the original order and stability of the inner structure, which the water loses through the transport and environmental influences, is rebuilt. The process of water revitalisation is the transformation of natural information of the highest order, nothing is added to water nor is anything taken from it.

Swimming Pool Rules


A succession of hills and vineyards are the setting for wonderful trekking or cycling activities. You can walk the nearby natural path called “Via Vallon“ or reach the center of Montebelluna, visit Villa Barbaro in Maser or plunge into the Montello forest, discover the places of the Great War or the itineraries of taste dedicated to those looking for some typical flavors.

Primavera del Prosecco / Prosecco Festival 2024Primavera del Prosecco / Prosecco Festival 2024
Da Marzo a Giugno 2024 / From March until June 2024

wineGreen Philosophy
We believe in sustainable farming and renewable energy to offer natural products in a healthy environment.

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Go on 3D-Tour and visit our accomodation.

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